Introduction of Universen Hitec Ltd.

The Most Experienced Maintenance Engineers for Disco 2H/6...................Where to find?.................... Universen! Of course!

Who understands TSK WD-10A dicing machines best besides TSK?.......................................Again, it's Universen!

On April 20, 1989, Universen Hitec Ltd. was founded by Mr. William Yeh, an formal engineer of TI Taiwan and several other semiconductor companies.  To begin with two sets of Disco DAD 2H/6 dicing saws and eight employees, Universen Hitec has been always dedicating itself to the field of wafer dicing.   To achieve that purpose, Universen DO NOT and WILL NOT SELL ANY Semiconductor chip / dice that our customers are dealing with!  Due to our excellent and experienced engineers and operators, Universen has been growing ever since established.  In addition to Hsintien plant, Universen also co-operate with "United Silicon Electronics Co., Ltd", located in ShenZhen, China.  Hsintien plant was moved to Lungtan in April 2001.  At the end of 2006, Univesen owned around 30 sets of various Wafer-Probers, Back Grinder, Dicing Saws, and so on, with total 100 employees.  We are capable of handling silicon wafers up to 8-inch.

To solve the ESD issue during dicing process, Universen also sell Anti-Static System for Ultra Pure Wafer.

Starting from 2001, Universen also buy & sell related equipments and tools.

 Lungtan Plant  Disco DAD321 series       TSK A-WD-10A / Disco DCS141                                

In 2001, Universen began to provide Si wafer Back grinding service.  The thinnest wafer Universen can handle is down to 6mil(6" wafer) & 7mil(8" wafer).  Die size can be as small as 200*200um.  If your grinding/dicing sub-con. could not meet this spec., please contact Universen. 

Lungtan Plane  TSK A-WD-5000A                                 Okamoto VG-502MKII-8

Sales contact:  Jessy Lu / Clement Yeh

Engineering contact: Mingyu Chung

Manufacture contact: Barry Chan

Accounting contact: Jane Jan

Shipping contact: Winnie Chang


Remarks:  Main Equipment List

                                           Okamoto VG-502-MKII-8 8-inch Fully Automatic Back Grinding Machine  1 set

                                           TSK WD-5000A 8-inch Fully Automatic Wafer Dicing Machine 4 set

                                           Disco DAD 300 series  Automatic Wafer Dicing Machine 7 sets

                                           Disco DAD 600 series  Automatic Wafer Dicing Machine 2 sets

                                           Disco DAD 2H/6T series Automatic Wafer Dicing Machine  4 sets

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