Circuit Probing / Back Grinding / Wafer Dicing

From the very beginning, Universen has been dedicated to the wafer dicing service.  In order to meet customers' increasing demand, back grinding & circuit probing services had been added to our Turn-Key solution.

Our business scope mainly deal with the following items.

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Silicon Wafer Back Grinding

        4 - 8inch capable

        150um/6mil (for 6-inch wafer), 175um/7mil (for 8-inch wafer)

ASIC, ROM, Flash ROM, Speech IC, Melody IC, RF ID....

Diode Wafer Dicing

Various Diode, 1N4001-7, 1N4148, 1N5817-9, GPP, TVS...

Chip size can be as small as 200*200um / thickness: 150um  /  Cutting Street: 40um

Glass & Ceramic Substrate Cutting
Better Quality than Laser cutting
SMT / PCB package / device
PCB, SMT(Chip LED), MEMS   Any New Substrate suitable for dicing saw
Solar Cell Cutting
Solar Cell: Round cell / Square cell / Single-Crystal / Poly-Crystal 

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