Cassette / Frame / Chuck Table

smallnew.gif (926 bytes)Stainless Steel Tape Frame has always been a heavy burden.  Now you have a better choice---Plastic Tape Frame (weighs only one-third of the stainless steel)


Dummy Wafer

For grinding & dicing process, various size & thickness available!

Wafer size: 4-inch, 6-inch, 8inch

Material:  Silicon

Flat or Notch: SEMI

Thickness:  525um / 4-inch    625um / 6-inch    725um / 8-inch (other thickness available)

Polish: Single-side polished

Chuck Table

  Stainless Chuck Table

  Ceramic Porous Chuck Table  (meet OEM's spec.  guaranteed)

Tape Frame

   2-6-1 (Stainless or Plastic)  width: 212mm

   2-6 (Stainless or Plastic)  width: 195mm

   2-8 (Stainless or Plastic)  width: 276mm

   2-12 (Stainless)


   2-6-1 Cassette Aluminum

   2-8-1 Cassette Aluminum

   2-12-1 Cassette Aluminum

Frame Shipper

   Frame shipper for 2-6-1 / 2-8-1  width: 212 / 276 mm


Frame Shipper 2-6-1 (Width: 212mm)

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